AHUA Large Wall Clock, Vintage Industrial Decorative Wall Clock, Rustic Silent Clocks, 20 Inch Silent Retro Quartz Clock Decorative Wall Clock with HD Glass - Modern Retro Wall Clock Large Decorative

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Color: Brown - C

Why to Buy
1.Easy to Read:This large iron wall clock has ultra big numerals,and the silver long clock hands form a big color different with brown numerals,which makes you easy to read time.It is especially suitable for the old or anyone with poor sight.
2.Silent Quartz Clock Movement:High quality silent quartz clock movement is adopted to ensure the quietness and time accuracy of this clock,which provides you a quiet environment.
3.Bright up Your Wall:This vintage industrial style metal wall clock greatly adds charm to the blank wall of office,kitchen,living room,bedroom,kids room,farmhouse,etc.Besides,the slippy clock face allows it easy to wipe clean.So it is good choice as wall decoration.

4.Easy to Read: Silent wall clock with large brown numbers are clear to read, front glass cover guarantees perfect view and keeps dust away from dial.

Decorative wall clock blends in with many different furnitures, different color walls, or decorative wall paintings.Perfect silent wall clock for living room, office, classroom, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, family room, study room, kitchen, conference room or any room you wanna decor.

1.This wall clock don’t have second hand. so we can not make sure the clock is working by eyes. Only you turn to the battery box, you will see the white gears running, then the clock is working now.
2.Before using this wall clock,you should make sure all clock hands point to 12,in case of causing time inaccuracy during clock hands running.
3.Please adjust time by turning the black button on the clock back.Don’t directly turn clock hands.
4.Battery is not included in the package for it is limited by international transport.

Color : Brown Frame
Material Type : Plastic Frame, Glass Cover.
Pointer Material : Plastic.
Movement : Quartz ( Battery Powered).
Battery Type : AA ( not included ).