CHARMGIRL Cat Activity Tree Tower Play Houses with Scratching Posts Sisal-Covered and Bigger Hammock Condos Stand Platform Perches Center Multi-Level Climbing Toys for Kitty Kitten Pet Bed Furniture

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Extravagant Recreation And Rest For Your Beloved Kittens !


🐱 Selected Natural Sisal Rope

Natural sisal rope is highly resilient strong enough to withstand constant scratches.

🐱Professional Design Team

With attractive look and unique design to compliment any room in your house like a piece of nice beautiful pet furniture rather than normal decoration.

🐱Premium Particle Board

Particle board, featured with high density construction and superior durability, ensures overall stability of the cat tree as well as your cats’ safety while jumping around.

🐱 Robust Supporting Tubes

Made of compressed and glued cardboard, the high density supporting tubes can hold the platforms firmly without wobbling.

🐱Interactive Play Design

Featuring a naturally fibrous construction, your cat will take great joy in clawing the rope pillars and relaxing with a bird’s eye view in their own personal spot.

🐱Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

A go-to spot for releasing energy, relaxing, or satisfying the urge to scratch and climb, your furry friend will truly appreciate the cat habitat. An endless source of fun, he or she will spend hours interacting with this product’s features.

🐱 CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Clean with damp cloth and mild cleanser. Use a dry cloth to blot out the water and let it air dry.


 ✔ Place your cat tree away from damp areas.

 ✔Place the cat tree on a flat floor against wall corner.

 ✔Children are not allowed to climb or play with this product.

 ✔ Check the tightness of screws regularly to ensure safe use.

 ✔ Place the cat tree at a well-ventilated area after unpacking to release the smell.