CHARMGIRL Cat Tree Tower Cat Scratching Post with Dangling Toys Kitten Claw Scratcher Natural Sisal Rope Wrapped Cat Tower and Perch Cat Interactive Toys Vertical Pole Base Strengthened

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Pattern Name: Type 1

Extravagant Recreation And Rest For Your Beloved Kittens !

✔ Selected Natural Sisal Rope

Made from natural sisal, more conducive to grinding claws and climbing.

✔Accompany the Cat to Drive Away Loneliness

When the cat is alone at home, help her drive away loneliness .

✔Discover the Fun

Small ball hanging on the top guides the cat to chase, turn in circles.

✔Double Attraction Double Fun

Decorated with toys such as little mice,stimulate the cat's curiosity, make exploration process full of fun.

✔Small Enough to Save the Space

Disc column design does not occupy space and can be moved flexibly.

✔Interactive Play Design

Hanging balls increases the fun of playing.

✔Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

Cats are born to grind their claws,tightly wound sisal rope is more resistant to scratching than ordinary corrugated paper.

✔Good assistant to Protect Furniture 

Let the cat fall in love with the feeling of grinding claws with the scratching post, and stop scratching on the sofa furniture to protect the furniture from damage.