CHARMGIRL Elevated Pet Bowls Raised Cat Food and Water Feeder with Natural Solid Bamboo Stand Double Ceramic Bowls Dishes Perfect for Small Cats and Dogs Modern Design

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Why Choose Us ?

Elevated Pet Bowls with elevated platform design,pets with arthritis, neck or back problems will find it a relief to eat from a raised feeder, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract when the head is kept above the stomach,digestive health is dramatically improved when dogs and cats no longer have to strain unnaturally to eat from ground level.

Our Raised pet bowls would be perfect for small & medium dogs and cats while is especially recommended for:

★  Elderly pets

★  Pets with arthritis

★  Whisker sensitive pets

★  Naughty pets who sometimes inadvertently stepped into his food dish or knock over it.


✔ Selected High Quality Material -Natural Bamboo

✔ Daily Use Waterproof Painting

✔ Stable Anti-Skid-

✔ Sturdy and long lasting construction

✔ 15° of Ergonomic Tilt and Smart Elevation

✔ Reduces Strain on Neck

✔ Professional design team

✔ Easy to Carry and Wash

✔ Cute Ear Shape Design

✔ 2 Premium Quality Ceramic Bowls included.

✔ Removable dishes and disassemble design are easy to clean and storage