Embroidery Starter Kit with Pattern, YINASI Full Range of Stamped Embroidery Kit Including Embroidery Cloth with Floral Pattern, Bamboo Embroidery Hoop, Color Threads and Tools Kit(Graceful Princess)

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Handmade Embroidery Starter Kit

Our embroidery has a full set of embroidery tools with instruction of drawings and embroidery stitch that make it easy for you to finish the embroidery. Wish our DIY hand embroidery bring you a different pleasure and fun.

Product Features:

Full range of embroidery starter kit with all the tools you need to embroider.
There is colored pattern on the cloth, which will provide great help to starter.
The pattern on the cloth can be washed off after you finish.
Embroidery hoops have a brass adjustment screw that it is easy to keep the fabric tight.
Great to as a gift to your friends and for kids' DIY class.


Aida Material: Natural cotton
Hoop size: 20cm * 20cm

Package includes:

Cotton Aida
Embroidery Hoop
Embroidery Needle
Colored Threads