Glass Spray Bottle Kits, Water Sprayer, Pipette Bottle, amber Essential Oil Bottle with Funnel, Steel Bottle Opener for Plants, Hairdresser, Aromatherapy Mixtures(Amber)

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Customer Service: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your glass bottle, you can return it for a full refund or return it or send a new one.

Widely used applications:
1, Just right for aromatherapy blends, essential oil blends, and samples to share with friends.
2, Perfect for essential oils, perfume oils, laboratory chemicals, reagents.
3, Perfect travel or sample size fits in your wallet.
4, DIY liquid.
5, spray bottle are good for travel, camping, skin care, business trip 6, cosmetic facial moisturizer, hair moisturizer
7, Homemade non-toxic window cleaners, floor or carpet cleaners, kitchen cleaners, natural air fresheners
8, pet spray, ironing, linen spray, spray plants

Environmentally friendly:
Material - High quality glass
The amber glass spray bottles are not only easy to recycle, they also protect the environment and reduce the plastic chemicals in your home. The BPA-free materials also protect your families from excess chemicals.

UV protection:
Our bottles are dark brown to protect against degradation by ultraviolet light and protect your essential oils. In addition, the glass is not affected by strong oils such as citrus. You do not have to worry about storing sensitive mixtures for long periods or placing them in a dark place!

Scope of delivery:
4 x 30ml spray bottle
8 x 10ml blue roller ball glass bottles
3 x 30ml amber glass bottle with glass dropper pipette
2 x pipettes
1 x funnel
1 x bottle opener

Attention: We checked carefully before shipping, if you find missing parts, please contact us by email and we will send you a new one.