Jewelry Stand Jewelry Holder With Metal Rod, Drawer Jewelry Organizer For Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Watches Earring Holder Earring Chain Stand Chain Holder (white)

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Earrings and chains all over the place?
Do you still put your jewelry in a drawer or box?
Do you have to dig out jewelry and find it hard to choose suitable ones for your clothes?
Do not wear jewelry because of inconvenience or hurry?


The jewelry stand offers you an ideal solution to solve such problems.
It is made of robust iron, and its surface is powder-coated, therefore smooth and protects the metal underneath permanently.
With the jewelry stand, your jewelry will look nice and tidy, and it even serves as a decoration.

Other properties

jewelry trees to hang & store your jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, watches & necklaces. The bust is suitable as a modern decoration & living object
Practical jewelry display as a ring holder, chain stand, bracelet and watch stand with many holders & additional baskets for hanging and placing your collection of decorative accessories
Modern designs for your jewelry display. As an accessory for furnishing the bathroom or bedroom, the jewelry displays on the dresser or make-up table always look good
Present your jewelry collection neatly and space-saving! Also in sales, the ring holder is suitable as a display stand for finger rings, bracelet holders and for chain storage