LONGBLE 2 Pcs Round Wedding Birdcages Gift Card Holder Decorative White Metal Wall Hanging Laterns, Candelabra, Bird Cage for Small Birds Party Home Garden Decorations

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Color: White

Our beautiful set of 2 decorative bird cages for indoor and outdoors. Great for wedding reception ceremony, bachelorette party, gift card box holder, hanging herd gardens, photo booth props. They are really romance and pure elegance!
Also suitable for children or adults parties, centerpiece at home or business, with real or fake flowers, candles, artificial birds or potted plants. They compliment reception tables as home or garden decor. Make your special day truly personal and unique by adding colors, flowers, and ribbons.

Size: Big one - 24cm(H) x 15cm(D) / 9.45” x 5.91”, Small one - 19cm(H) x 12cm(D) / 7.48” x 4.72”.
Material: Metal
Color: White/Gold.

Note: With the difference in measurement method, please allow 0.1-1 inches in size and weight deviation. Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image.