SOPRETY Ceramic Casserole Dish with Handle and Lid, 2.3 Quart Porcelain Clay Pot Earthen Pot for Open fire Stew Soup Pot

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About the Planter:
The ceramic of the casserole is made of the low-expansion rationale and clay, safer and better heat transfer. It is especial to stew for the open fire, between 20℃ and 400℃. And the casserole is with the double handle and cover, that is more convenient for cooking.
About Us:
SOPRETY always try the best to offer the best products and serves for the customer on the amazon. All of the product are made with the delicate workmanship and through the strict testing process, you can purchase assuredly. If you have any problem, you can feel free to contact to us, we will try our best to solve it in 8 hours.


➊Pretty and convenient- The casserole is very pretty and convenient for stewing the soup.
➋Save time- The ceramic casserole use the seal design, that will save the time.
➌More delicious- The soup which stew with the ceramic casserole is more delicious.
➍Easy to Clean-You can clean it with the water easily.


The color: Black and Gray
The Capacity: 2.5L
The Weight: 3lb
Material: The low-expansion rationale and clay

Package Included
1 x Casserole Pot