SOPRETY Espresso Cup with Saucers Set 6, Porcelain Coffee Mug Ceramic Tea Cups, Wave Point Cup Finish, White 2.7oz

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The espresso cups are made of the ceramic with workmanship, 2.7oz, set of 6 with bamboo saucers, simple white with the unique polka dot pattern. The coffee set is with the pretty shaped and nice capacity, it is perfect for the coffee and tea.


2.7oz and set of 6 is perfect for coffee and tea:
The white espresso cups set is with bamboo saucers, 2.7oz, set of 6. The coffee cups are perfect for the coffee and tea

High Temperature Burning Craftsmanship
Our ceramic cups and saucers are made from white clay and burned under 1300 degrees celsius.That make sure the cups is very durable and pretty.

Smooth Hand Feeling
All porcelain cups and coasters are coated with glaze which makes the surface sleek and comfortable to touch and stain-proof at the same time.

The Size:
Espresso Cups: 7x5.5cm, 2.7oz
Bamboo Saucers: 10x10cm

Package Includes:
6*Espresso Cups
6*Bamboo Saucers

1.Do not scratch with sharp tools.
2.Do not alternate between heat and cold, or it may break.
3.Do not heat directly with flame.
4.Please wash with lemon juice or vinegar if there is tea or coffee stains.