TRSPCWR 3 Pack Vietnamese Coffee Drip Filter Maker Stainless Steel Coffee Drip Cup Filter Maker Strainer Vietnamese Traditional Coffee Phin Filter Infuser Coffee Drip Brewer for Office, Home

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There is Nothing Like Waking Up To The Smell of Fresh Coffee In The Morning!! Just make delicious Vietnamese-style coffee with our filter.

This single-cup serving coffee filter maker features:
*Made of high grade stainless steel, durable in use. 

*Convenient and simple for use to make fresh coffee in minutes. 

*A handy drip cup used to make Vietnamese Coffee manually.  

*Widely used at home, office, business trip, camping,etc.  

*A perfect gift for coffee enthusiast.

*Size: 7*5cm(D*H)

1. First of all, drip the Vietnamese coffee filter pot in hot water. After that, dry it with a clean cloth.Then unscrew the round plate by turning it anti-clockwise. 
2.Place a piece of paper filter into it and wet the paper.
3.Place 8-10g for one person consumption of fine coffee powder into the coffee filter pot.
4 .Shake the device to make the coffee powder inside it to become level.Then screw back the round plate by turning it clockwise until it start.  
5. Place the coffee filter pot on top of coffee cup.You can add some condensed milk in the cup.Then pour about 150cc of hot water 90-95 C into the device.
6.Then put the cover on and let the coffee drip slowly into the coffee cup. When the dripping stops remove the device carefully,set aside and start to enjoy a cup of tasty, rich Vietnam style coffee.

Cleaning & Care:
The filter is dishwasher safe but it is recommended to hand-wash on occasion for thorough cleaning.
Package included:3 x Vietnamese Coffee Maker