YINASI 3D Mirror Vinyl Removable Wall Sticker, Home Decor Art DIY 78X 60cm Acrylic Home Decorations Wall-Papers Wall Stickers (Silver)

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1. High-precision laser cutting process with smooth edges and no burrs.
2. Ultra-quiet movement, no ticking, especially suitable for home use.
3. Metal paint pointer.
4. Butterfly around the cat makes you feeling as if you are in the forest.
5. High-quality environmentally friendly plastic mirror plate, strong gloss and good mirror effect.


Type: Acrylic wall stickers Home Decor
DIY function: This is a DIY product, according to renderings (or your own ideas), paste in your favorite place.
Can be used for decorating living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and Nursery etc. Also can be given as gift to your friends ,partners and families.
Applications:Window,Wall,Mirror,Door,Tiles,Tables and Glass, Cabinets/Closets, Flat and Smooth Surfaces.
The mirror backing is with doube-sided tape , you can stick directly on the wall .

Using Tips:

Step 1:
1. Please keep the wall dry and clean before pasting!
2. Acrylic Mirrors work better on flat and smooth walls.
Step 2:
1. Tear off the film on the surface.
2. Pick each piece and start putting it on the wall after removing the sticker from its back for the glue.
3. Easily removable without damaging your wall.
Step 3:
Done perfectly!You can paste those mirrors in your favorite place, according to renderings (or your own ideas).


Note that when you open the product, you may find that there are some scratched marks or dust on the product. But please don't worry, because the product is covered by the protective film. So if you tear down the protective film, you can see a brand-new clean mirror paste.