YINASI Interactive Plush Dog Toy, Squeaky Automatic Ball Toys Electronic Shake Crazy Bounce Toys for Small and Medium Dogs

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The gray ball looks to be very normal, but won’t you feel happy if your pet is having great fun with it? There is no color in pet’s eyes, but they will feel happy and joyful if you care and accompany them. So, why not trying to give them this fantastic ball as a gift?

Why Choose our Pet plush toy?

a.auto bounce and squeak,attract the pet
b.easy use and clean
c.latest electronic dog toy
d. the cover is washable, you can wash them regularly, keep the pet away from bacteria.
e.non-toxic material and cute cover


Color: Blue
Material: high quality abs+ plush jacket
Power: The bouncy ball is powered by the battery (three AAA batteries) (Not Included)
Function: The crazy shaking of the toy can release the dog's energy and make the dog's hunting instinct better.

How to Replace Batteries:

1. Unscrew 2 screws on the back side of the ball device (there are 2 arrows pointing to where the screws are) by a small cross-head screwdriver.
2. Find the battery case on the side with open/close mark (NOT the side with speaker).
3. Remove the screw locking the battery case cover (only one screw).
4. Install the batteries (3 X AAA), lock the battery case cover back.
5. Screw back the back side of ball device, put the ball device back into the plush cover.

Package Included:

1X pet vibration sounding ball